Asset management

We at QFM are dedicated to safeguarding the financial well-being of our clients. One of the ways QFM does this is by providing a bespoke service that features active management strategies that attempt to maximise returns, local regulatory knowledge, and the support of specialists.

We manage assets for business clients in Estonia, in most cases limited to the limited partnership funds under our management. The services offered by QFM include asset management and comprehensive legal advice aimed at individuals and legal entities dealing with complex financial issues, in addition to tax guidance, planning, and corporate assistance. These services are provided to clients both individually and collectively. Such comprehensive service is accomplished by liaising on behalf of our clients with other sectoral experts, such as accountants.

The protection of client assets and a well-established competency in regulatory compliance are where we believe we have the most substantial competitive advantage in terms of our strength. They will be able to focus more on their resources while providing exceptional service to their customers and expanding their businesses.

The objective of partnering with QFM is to streamline your asset management business procedures and systems alongside a modern and tailored approach to asset management.