Collateral & Trustee services

QFM provides collateral and trustee services, with collateral services being a neutral and worldwide open-architecture infrastructure for collateral management and ensuring payments of the first margin in a timely and secure manner. Our concept of collateral management is to provide for the long-term security of our clients through pledged assets. QFM maximises liquidity and mobilises assets across European borders and many time zones without compromising on the system's inherent level of safety. Real estate, goods, money, overdue invoices, blanket liens, company shares, and personal guarantees from funds are among the forms of collateral that QFM will accept.

QFM's trustee services are meant for both the public sphere and niche private deals involving alternative finance providers. We act in a trustee role and have significant experience in dealing with all types of asset-backed transactions, collateralised loan obligations, and project finance transactions. As trustees in the securitisation of transactions, we play a crucial role in helping to protect clients' investors' interests by monitoring the compliance and governance around the securitisation of the trust. Our dynamic and flexible approach allows us to be a trustee who is responsive and pragmatic when executing capital market transactions. We're independent and non-conflicted and operate with the highest degree of transparency and integrity.