About QFM

QFM is an Estonian financial service offering company founded in 2014. Our business is dedicated to fund, wealth management, and other corporate services supporting the primary business objectives. We are a privately held company registered as a small limited partnership fund manager with the Financial Supervision Authority of the Republic of Estonia. Our registration is valid under commercial registry number 12748650 and has a valid operating licence no. FFA000250 as a financial institution.

Valentin Ivanov
Valentin Ivanov
QFM Managing Partner
Fund manager

We are proud to offer services to our clients in Estonia, including European individuals and Estonian institutions. QFM has acquired valuable experience from the financial industry represented in Estonia and has built a strong expertise in areas such as fund and asset management, credit lending, accounting and regulatory compliance, and due diligence.

Our ability to rise to the challenges of the modern corporate world depends on the methods we employ. Clients have put their faith in us because of our dedication to their investments, expertise, and willingness to adapt to their needs. We wish to see professional leadership and transparent businesses for the same reasons you do so that we can foster an environment conducive to the long-term appreciation of your property.